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My Return….

What a journey, what a fully activated experience!  There is so much to write about.  I could just detail all the experiences, with the many people I encountered. Or, I could type the words…

Life Lives…

I am reading so much now about Ram Das, and this LOVE that wells up inside and just explodes!  My deepest wish to to get to see him this Winter in Hawaii.  I just want to “see” the man in this lifetime, I have met him so many times, in devotional chanting with Krishna Das.  In that bliss, is that ravaging love that comes time and time again…

Does anyone else out there know what I speak of?


Hello world!

Sat Nam and welcome to my written journey through life…

I am beginning this experience with you on the eve of my journey through France as I make my way to Saint Baume, a pilgrimage place to Mary Magdalene.  I am going to be there for her Feast Day on 22nd July 2008.

This is something that my heart has longed for since I knew of her existence….